How to Stop Thinking Like a Marketer – 6 Easy Steps

It’s easy to fall in love with something you’re close to – if you spend all your time with it and it consumes all of your attention, you no longer see the flaws, weaknesses and idiosyncrasies that only you can love.  If this is your relationship with your marketing (whether it’s your brand, website or a campaign), it’s safe to say your judgment is probably clouded and you need to change your perspective.

6 Easy Steps to Stop Thinking Like a Marketer

It’s time to take a step back and stop thinking like a marketer.  Since that may be difficult to do (as marketers, we generally have a very hard time taking off our marketing hats, even when we leave the office), here are 5 steps to help assess your work through the eyes of your buyer.


1)    Be honest with your brand.

Here’s a dose of reality – it’s been said that your brand is not what you say about yourself, but a reflection of what your customers say about you. This might be difficult to hear, but it’s the truth.  Does your current brand positioning reflect this perspective or are you puffing up your message with fillers? And if the things your clients say about you are potentially negative then it’s time to address their needs.


2)    Give your message the time test.

Most consumers don’t have hours – or even minutes – to mull over your message.  You need to make your point in 10 seconds or you’ve lost them.  Does your messaging do that?

3)    See if an 8 year old can understand it.

Unless you’re selling alcohol, weapons or “naughty” things, a child should be able to understand what you’re trying to say.  Simplicity is key to winning consumers.


4)    Ask yourself:  is this all true?

Consumers are savvy.  If you make a claim that stretches the truth a bit, they’ll sniff it out and stop trusting you.  Take an honest look at your marketing – is it being honest back?


5)    Look at the competition.

Everyone shops around, so you should too.  Take a look at what the competition is doing and see who you’d buy from.  If it’s not you, you know changes need to be made.


6)    Read consumer reviews.

A recent Nielson study told us that 70% of consumers put their trust in online consumer reviews.  So take a look at what others are saying about you – and your competition – to see if you’re winning.  You can take great points from them too.  If your buyers are saying your website is hard to navigate, for example, you have something to add to you to-do list for tomorrow!